You have to do what your afraid of.

You have to try to redo things you’ve failed at.

You need to look at those things that hurt to look at.

If you don’t, you’ll always be the same ‘you’ you’ve allways been.

Growth is found through facing fears.

Fights are a fear for me. Even the smallest kind. They leave me feeling like there’s no hope and there’s no turning back. Like the moment before you enter into a fight is the last moment you’ll ever have to cherrish with that person. The last time you’ll not be broken.

I learned something yesterday.. I can be a part of a fight and come out still whole. Not broken. I learned im capable of bringing up an issue and still seeing peace afterwards. I learned there is resolution in communication. I learned that if both parties are capable of forgiveness, anything is possible.

I learned that a relationship can sometimes become stronger through negative expirences than good ones. 

The world would like to make you believe that when something isnt perfect, you need to rid it from your life…

 The reality is:  you need to put in work..to make it work. 

And you need to face your fears to grow.]



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