I’ve become afraid to love, and far too quick to judge.

I have let the negativity of life sink into my soul…when I should have stopped it at the mere mention of it’s name.

I have allowed what ‘is not’ to be my ‘everything’… Never feeling like I’m whole enough. The edges in life were uncomfortable… So I belittled them. I made them seem small and unwanted, when really they were my truest self.

Find your edges, the corners of you that you only dare to dream about – and embrace them in the tightest grasp…love them. Love you.

Allow what your so desperately afraid of to fall away. It holds no power over you now. 

Your strength is growing faster than your fears can follow.

You are ready.

Ready for life.

Ready for the life you’ve been dreaming of..

And it all begins within loving yourself.

Let go of hate and fear. Let it fall from your heart and hands today. Feel it drop off your shoulders like the heavy burden it is. … Feel the lightness fade through….let the warmth of love find you….. Live for it now.

You are loved. Be love.
May you find release as you soar on the wings love, light and free.



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