Turning Regrets into Reasons

When things aren’t going the way you thought they would –
it’s easy to think you made a wrong turn somewhere.

But what if:
you didn’t.

What if all the turns you made
were the right turns.
Even the ones you
still regret taking.

What if, every single one was the right turn for you to take?

What if they were all right?

…That would make you alright.

…That would mean your exactly where you supposed to be.

Trippy right?

If that were true,
then you’d have to do things like forgive yourself.
Because you couldn’t regret anything.

It would turn all your regrets into purposeful events.

Regardless how much they hurt you,
or someone else.

No matter how hard they made you fall.
Or what unpleasant place they took you to.

You would have to accept each one as part of the experience.
Part of the journey.
Part of you.

You would have to love yourself not in-spite of your regrets,
but because of them.

Because your regrets were as vital to your life,
as all the good moments were.
Without one, you could not have the other.

Make peace with all of life,
not because you have to –
but because you choose to.

Because you realize there is value in the freedom of knowing
that it is all an equal part of the journey.



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