Be Different – Think.

I almost prefer to be considered “odd.” Odd means that according to how the majority of other’s live – you are different. In my book, to be considered different is a compliment. I wish more of the world would allow themselves to be different. No two people are the same, yet we strive so hard to be just like everyone else. We try to fit into this bigger idea. We conform to physical, financial and social standards (among others.)

I don’t want force myself to fit into a pre-determined idea of how I should live, based on society’s norms.

I find myself getting very bothered by many of the “normal” things people are “supposed” to be okay with. Here are a few social-norms that upset me:

  • Getting vaccinated/ Getting a medicinal diagnoses for everything.
  • Living under the US political system and all it’s jacked-up, dishonest ridiculousness.
  • Food packaging waste and how completely unnecessary it is.
  • Processed food.
  • Poisoning crops to produce higher yields.
  • The nonsensical, mass amounts of makeup/ undergarments/ beauty products women are expected to use. (And some men that may feel the same.)
  • Gender roles in relationships.
  • Relationship roles within society. (If I’m not married and don’t have a baby at the age of 27, it is just not okay with me for people to feel free to tell me I should.)
  • The cycle of creating bills for yourself, only to work the rest of your life to pay them off. When really, many of them were things you didn’t need in the first place. (i.e. phone, insurance, internet, credit cards, etc…)
  • The US’s system of business – rewarding the lazy and making it easy for the rich to grow richer, while the hard-working, honest but albeit poorer individuals get further and further into the never-ending spiral of debt.
  • Encouraging people to ‘follow the herd blindly’ instead of encouraging thinking for one’s self.
  • (enough said)
  • Okay not enough said, also: The CRAZY obsession society has with celebrities and social media.
  • People not giving a damn about the very planet they owe their ability to be alive to.
  • People that are different from the above standards being regarded as crazy.

Granted, I still take part in MANY of these things – but every time I do I feel awful about it. Like the inside of me just feels wrong. (Especially the “eating processed food”, “not taking care of the planet”, “credit-card debt”, and “social media craze” ones. BUT I am getting better at recognizing the things that bother me. And even more so, recognizing that even though I feel nuts when I get bothered by them – I need to let them go from my life anyway.

.  .  .

This has been especially true with eating processed food. Every time I think about how messed up and biologically unsound it is to eat the crap we call food – I start to feel a little nuts. I mean, everyone is doing it. You literally cannot go ONE day without seeing, hearing about, tasting, or smelling something that is a form of processed food. Most days, thanks to the media and the crazy amounts of ads we see in a day – you’ll be bombarded with it. In an average day – most people will see anywhere from 4,000-10,000 ads in a day. [Check this article out for more on that:] I would venture to guess at least half of them are for “food” products.

So, when I start to think that maybe, just maybe, that ‘stuff’ really isn’t considered ‘food’ – there is bound to be some part of me telling myself that I’m wrong. Why do I feel like I’m crazy when I start to question food? Simple: We’re programmed to not question. If we blindly listen to what we are told to eat – we completely hand over the right to control our own lives.

Allow me to lay out a scenario for you:
Your 30, you’ve eaten nothing but pre-packaged, processed food as the majority of your diet. Why? Because it’s what you were given as a child and saw everyone else eating as an adult. You’ve never bothered to learn how to cook your own food. Why? Because you didn’t have to. You can “simply microwave” almost anything these days and eat practically “gourmet” food. You start to feel sick, which is not a new feeling – you suffer from indigestion and other ailments fairly regularly. You go to the doctor. They might ask about your diet, but end up telling you that a new medicine is the answer to your ailments. You take it, it fixes the situation temporarily and you continue to go about your life. All the while you never feel quite “right” but you don’t question it because you’re only doing the same thing everyone does – so it cannot be your diet that is the problem. Eventually you get really sick, something that either calls for surgery or radiation therapy. You’re on medicine for the rest of your life to “treat” the problem. You now spend all your waking time, energy, brain-power, and money on being sick and trying to get by. You have so many medical bills that you’ll never be able to stop working. Ever.

This whole viscous cycle started with the food you put in your mouth. The food they told you to put in your mouth. The “food” they encouraged you every day, with their 4,000 ads minimum – to put in your mouth.

This situation is reality for toooooo many.

And the bat-shit-crazy part about all of it? We are STILL not seeing the truth. We’re told its genetics, or hormonal imbalances, or thyroid diseases, or whatever the hell else they want to call it so you don’t see the truth. You’re sick because of what you eat.

They cannot control you, if they cannot be in control of the “food” you shove down your throat:
-If they cannot feed you, they cannot get you sick.
-If they cannot get you sick, you won’t pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars (on top of the taxes you already pay.)
-If you don’t need to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars, they go broke.
-If they go broke, ‘the system’ collapses on itself.
-If the system collapses on itself, they don’t control you anymore.


Do you see what I’m saying yet? Where I am going with all of this……

The system does not want you to think for yourself. They want you to feel crazy for even thinking about doing so. Most importantly, they want you to be so distracted with everything else they are putting in front of you every day – that you have no time or energy left to see what they are really up to.

Because if you knew they were trying to turn you into sheep – you’d never be a sheep.

A cash-turning, mindless product they can own.

And when they own you – they win.


And it all starts with food. Which is why I get so bothered by the food that I eat – that we all eat. Which is why I cringe when I see someone with a cart FULL of processed food in front of me in line at the grocery store. I want to reach out and tell them “Nooooo! You deserve better, come with me – I’ll show you the real food.” But that just might be crazy. (would it though?)

Don’t get me wrong. I eat junk food. I had a bag of chips for breakfast with my coffee. ALL of it was processed. BUT my chips were made from beans. GMO-free black beans. It’s the little progress that I’ve made that matters. Don’t expect to be changed overnight. ALL I AM ASKING: is that you think.

Think about your life. Think about how you are living it. Just think for yourself & learn to accept what you find to be true, as truth. Allow what you know to go by the wayside – and allow your mind to be free from social conventions.

Free your mind – free your self – free your life.

Feel free to be different.


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