The You that You Are.

We do not value inner peace enough as a society. We create endless examples of what it looks like to have inner turmoil. And then we glorify them. We decide to medicate until were numb, instead of allowing ourselves to feel until were healed.

There are three things I have been telling  forcing myself to say out loud lately. I have been making it a point, to just stop. To stop doing whatever I am doing, whenever I feel myself getting worked up. Breathe – and repeat the following:

In this moment I am filled with peace.
In this moment I have joy.
In this moment I am free.

And it has forced me to realize something.
That no matter the outward circumstances-
in any moment I am completely free to be content within.

If we valued true happiness, half as much as we value any quick fix that can get us there, we would be a changed world. 

The problem is, that it takes work. It takes hard work.
You have to take time to dive into yourself.
You have to dig into who you are and why you feel the way you do…
most of the time until it hurts.
You have to find your demons, and face them.. accept them.. and let them go.
You have to shed layers of pre-determined thought, and think for yourself.
You have to try, and fail, and try again until you start to see yourself in the mirror
instead of the clone that they’ve created you to be. 

You have to allow your mind to think for it’s self.

You have to be willing to accept
the person you find within,
for whoever they are.

For me, some of the hardest things to accept have been things that I never would have thought I would struggle with.
I’ve fought long and hard (and still do at times) to accept the fact i’m bisexual. I’ve found it a never-ending battle to tell the voice in my head that tells me “no one cares” to shut the hell up. I’ve allowed so many years of trying to “fit-in” to mold me into something that I’m not – and it’s hard to tell the inner you that it’s okay to not be ‘her’ anymore. Ah, and my endless struggle with religion – my constant goal to learn what is truth and not simply take in what other’s tell you to believe.

In short, I’ve been allowing my mind to think for itself.
And holy shit has it been amazing.

I’ve found amazing interests that I would have probably been too afraid to act on.
I’ve seen beautiful bits of me that would have never seen daylight before.
I’ve realized dreams and passions that have made me feel more alive than I’ve ever been.

I’ve allowed myself the gift of being wrong.
I’ve allowed myself to take all I was spoon-fed in life,
and reject it.

Some of it has stayed. I still believe in God with all my being… and I still think love is the most important thing in life..

Allowing yourself to be who you are, does not mean you lose yourself – it means you find yourself… in all the amazing, natural beauty you were created to be.

I’m allowing me to be me.
I’ve stopped trying to create who I want to be.
I’ve taken the fear of being ‘wrong’ out of the picture.

I am allowing myself to be exactly as I am.

And I wish the same for you.
I would love to share advice on what’s helped me, find “me”.. but I know no two paths are the same.
I just want you to stop in this moment and know that whatever your feeling, whatever your thinking, whatever is inside you… is okay. You are as you should be.

The hardest part is not to be your true self (that’s the best part), the hardest part is finding your true self.
Because you have to let go of the outer-layers that are blocking ‘you’ out.
And most of the time, those are layers that we’ve put up ourselves.
Layers that have been built to keep others out.
To protect us from something we fear deeply.
To shield us – from being seen.

You have to know:
that you are perfect and completely amazing
exactly as you truly are.

I love you – whoever you are.
And I wish you would love your self.
The world needs more of us..
The Self-Embracers, the Joy-Seekers, the Happiness-Makers, the Peace-Creators.

I invite you,
to be you.


2 thoughts on “The You that You Are.

    • Thank you Harula! It makes me so happy that someone got something good from my words 🙂
      I look forward to reading some of your work!

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