Dreams are your pure existence for being.

If you’ve spent your life,
wondering what your purpose is,
I can tell you right now that it has everything and anything
to do with what you’ve always dreamt of doing.

The world that you’ve dreamt of living in.

The person you’ve dreamed of being.

The change you’ve longed to make.

THAT is your purpose.
That is your DrEaM.

We only get one shot, you know.
To spend our years, our days, our minutes…on this earth.

Why would you want to waste your time,
SEARCHING for what it is you think your destined for…
when you already know, without a doubt,
the life your longing to LIVE?

What pulls on your heart as you fall asleep?

What plagues your mind as your go through your day?

What thoughts fill your soul with contentment
and make you smile when no one is looking?….

That is your purpose.
That is your dReAm.

Try ignoring it,
I dare you……..
See how far you get,
and even more frightening –
where you find yourself,
when you spend life running from your dreams.

I can damn near guarantee, that you will not be happy with your life.

I know,
I’ve been there.

I’ve spent my days dreaming…
instead of making my dreams a reality.
I’ve numbed the pull,
with vigorous strive.
I’ve tried just about anything
to make myself forget
the life I know
I’m destined to live.

And it WILL work for awhile,
and it will SUFFICE for awhile,
and for awhile you will allow yourself to believe,
that Dreams… are only meant to be fantasy.

Can I tell you something I’ve learned?


Dreams. are. ReAL.

And they are so beautiful.

Your dreams are so impossibly perfect,
that even your wildest vision of them,
cannot do justice the the wonder that they are.

I wish for everything in the world
that someday, very soon, you will see them.

That someday, very soon,
you will wake up to the reality….
that Dreams. Are. Real.

God willing,
that, in as instant
as the next breath you take –
Your mind will open.
to VALUE of your DREAMS.

– H

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