Thank You

I often wonder if i’m good enough, strong enough, to do what I need to.

Like, was I made capable enough – to survive my own battles?

After much self-doubt, questioning, and anxiety…. I would state a resounding: yes.

And I would say the same,for you.

YOU, yes you. Are the single most amazing thing that could ever be.

You were made with perfect imperfections.

Flawless, flaws.

and complete in-completion.

Meaning: you may never feel like your enough….

but you are always and completely as miraculous as anything ever could be.

I wish that you could see in you, all that I do.

I wish, even just for a moment, you could realize how amazingly perfect you are.

My heart brakes, every  moment that you dwell in self-doubt.

(I lie awake in wonder, of how such a beautiful soul could even for a moment – doubt their self-worth.)

You are – and forever will be:

The greatest YOU there ever was.

Never doubt,

beautiful child.

All the wonder you’ll find,

when at once – you realize:

the awe of your kind.

You were made with such beauty,

such perfection,

such grace.

I hope that you too,

one day…

can see what i see.

You. have. scars.
you. have. regret.
you have moments i wish i could erase. 

But through all those things,
you were. still you.

and that makes your life something broken, yet beautiful.
for, without all that you were….
You would not be ALL that YOU are. 

And for that,
thank :

Every moment that has hurt you.
Every person who has tested you.

Every event that has passed you –

Because without those hurts,
and without those trials….
you would not be so beautiful.

And, at the end of every imperfect day,

I am thankful for you.


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