For You

I want happiness for you.
Words are what I do… and yet I cannot find the words
to say to make you feel strong. 

What the fuck could be so bad in this world
that you can’t deal with it
in any other way than this?

My heart hurts, because yours hurts.

Strength. You need strength.

Strength allows you to overlook the things that try to pull you down.
It drives out fear with courage.
It smashes hate with hope.
It breathes life into desolate thoughts and times.

In Being Strong, you are your own destiny…
and not the sum total of life’s happenings.
You are in control of what good things can happen for you.

THAT is what I wish for you.

Find the strength that you need.
Stand when you would rather fall.
Eyes forward when you would rather close them and give up.
Press on – into good things, even when your not sure the outcome.

Find hope….. in every day.

Sure enough, with each time you do this…. strength will be found within you.
One day you’ll wake up and realize how strong you’ve become. 
Today, is just the beginning, of everything good in your life.

Today – you find out what your made of.


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