Getting Back to YOu

“Bring your love to life inside of me…”
Easier said than done.
I’m trying to give this part of my life to you. I figure that I’ve tried for long enough to do things my way… and apparently it’s not serving me so well.

What would you do with me if you could change anything/ everything about me?

I wonder what that person would look like. Who she would be.

To be completely honest, I think I would still be who I am today. I don’t think you’ve brought me through the past five years for nothing. I’m so much stronger now that i’ve ever been…. It’s just finding that strength that is what i’ve forgotten to do.

–so much untapped potential–

I need to seriously take this week to tap into who that person is. I need to stay focused, on top of what ever I see needing to be done… and take time to sit in quiet retrospect- and write! Every thought and feeling I am having now is something I want to remember and really focus on. Who i am is brought to light so greatly by my writing. If i’m looking to figure out myself… i need to write.

So far so good..

Peace, Heather

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