Well Hello Old Friend

At the local Denver coffee shop – my favorite for their flavored Iced Coffees… yum. 

I’ve got my vanilla delight in hand and am happily typing a blog – finally! Oh how I’ve missing my WordPress! I had so many wonderful ideas of things to post too – of course now I can’t think of ANY. 

I’ll be starting cosmetology school soon! Finally! I’ve put if off for far too long. I know what I love to do and I know what i’m good at… i’ve just been too afraid to go for it. Commitment and me are two very different beings. I’m so excited to start learning about hair and makeup and skin from someone who is actually licensed to teach and not YouTube. Though I have learned SOO much from YouTube channels until now. I wish I had the internet available to post everyday something new about my experience going to beauty school. Maybe I can swing a job that has WiFi so on my breaks I can type. School has it I suppose but I probably want to use my lunch break to actually eat lunch. ALSO I would need a smaller computer instead of my pre-historic (but very loved) giant Dell Laptop! I need one of those little notebooks that fit in your purse… hate touch screens so there is no way I could use my phone or a iPad to do the job.

Another update: I love North Carolina. I don’t know what happened the first time we were here – maybe it was just adjusting to not being near everyone at home… but this time around I have this amazing peace about the whole move. I terribly miss my family and my friends – but you really HAVE to live life for you. And my heart loves NC. It is soooo beautiful and bursting with good things for us. Not right now of course. We still have cockroaches in our trailer, broke as ever, and stressing about how we are going to pay bills while I’m in school and can’t have a full time job…. but everything else is so wonderful. Sunday Will takes me out on his bike and we discover all the beauty that NC has to offer. My FAVORITE day. 

I’ve made a couple new friends as well – which makes things so wonderful! Jessecca and Kaitlyn you’ve made NC feel more like home for me 🙂

I’m supposed to be looking for a part time job right now – I’m thinking tanning salon, gym, grocery store, or maybe retail… but that’s a last resort… well the REAL last resort is fast food… please Lord don’t let it come to that!

I will take a quick break to rest my fingers, compile my thoughts, and apply for jobs… and i’ll be back !




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