To act in the Write.

haha… play on words, get it?

ACTING in the WRITE is a definition for my life. I act more through my written word than I do in my daily life. 
Let me explain. 

As an introvert (something i’ve fought and hated for YEARS) I’ve found that I have more skills in written word than in verbal. And i am COMPLETELY okay with that. The world is far too loud as it is. And to all of those people over the years that made me feel bad for being introverted… you will be un-happy to know that I am completely fine with how I am. I may be quiet, keep to myself, and seek to express myself in more private ways than public – but I think it’s a good thing. 

Power to the introvert.

It takes a very strong person to be introverted. Extroverts seem to say and do whatever first comes to their mind (nothing wrong with it) but I feel like there is a honor/ peace about not acting out loud. You keep your thoughts inside, and show only what is thee most important/ beautiful/ passionate and necessary to share. It is a very simple, peaceful, quiet way to live. 

I told Will last week that I should be a monk. I feel like I would fit in very well in a monastery. (sp?)


To write is to think before you speak… to be an introvert is to examine before you act. 

Just don’t throw me an energy drink and expect me to stay that way 😉

Peace & random thoughts about self-perception. 



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