Day Five of Life Re-Direction

About to enter into the weekend… the last one i’ll know as a 9-5 woman, working in an office.

Couldn’t be happier (still scared) but the happiness is slowly but surely taking over my fear of diving into the unknown of changing my life for the better.

My worries were subdued by a wonderful visit from my dad and brother *I love you both* wish my mom could have come as well, but she is recently back to work and hitting it hard! So I don’t blame her for not being able to come – i’m happy for her! It was so relaxing and made this place feel so much more like home to see my family in my trailer and my new home town…

Back to the life-change…

I go to the college to tour tomorrow, a little backwards huh? I’m sitting here making all these moves and planning the next year of my life and I have not even seen the school yet… Ah well, I think fate has a strong part here. I can feel it.

(…. to be continued.)

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