Life Change

So, I quit my job 🙂
Or rather that is what I intended to do… but ended up giving a two week’s notice :/

Either way, I need a life change and just couldn’t take it anymore. TRUST ME, I KNOW that this was a stupid thing to do financially. I get it. I KNOW that there are a shit load of people who are unemployed and would call me a giant idiot to end a job that I have. But I just can’t freaking take it! I’m so beyond sick of doing the same kind of job i’ve been doing since HS, it makes me sick! Literally. 
I need a change of pace. Will there be pay cuts, i’m sure… will there be unfortunate turmoil because of it… yes. Will there be a stressful job search to follow, duh. BUT I HAVE TO DO THIS, for me.

I would LOVE to go to Cosmo-school in the meantime! I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to start as soon as I’m done here… that would be bomb. But i’m going for it! It’s been too long and i’m not getting any younger. I LOVE the idea of having an education and a job at this time next year. AND i love that shit! Too many people have told me to do this, and i’m not doing it for them… but it’s made me realize that maybe it IS something i’m good at. And I already know I love it! So lets do this! BAM.

That’s my update for now. PRAY for me to find a new job in the meantime. If i do cosmo-school soon enough, i’ll only be able to do a PT job… but hoping I find even one of them! PRAYERS people!!!!! I want to find a job that I love *or at least kind of enjoy* until i’m done with school. 


Call me crazy – but if you don’t make moves for yourself in life… no one will, and you will die miserable. 

Peace and Love, 


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