God, Grant Me Strength

Holla Friends & Family!

I’ve gotten (have been) really awful about posting. I thought I could type entries on my computer and direct them to my phone to post online (since we don’t have internet right now) but I was very wrong. 
SO… I’ve had no real way to get daily entries online, aside from the occasional update every now and then when I can manage to make it to the internet. 

So here I am. Hello again. 

Our “home” is so very far from feeling like home right now… 

We still have mice *i’m pretty sure* and last night I discovered that I think we have cockroaches as well…

So very ready to be out of this trailer. We are probably going to look into other options… I’m calling around this weekend. 

Trying to make this new town at least feel more like home, but I keep day-dreaming of the town we used to live in down here… I loved that place, Why oh WHY does it have to be so expensive to live there?!?

For now, I’m trying to keep my outlook positive. Hoping that sooner or later we will get our living situation, situated and it can start feeling more like home. Please send up a prayer or two for us… I’m sure we need it right now more than we have in the past! 

I should get going, or I could type forever. I’ll try to figure out this whole computer-phone link situation so I can type something of quality when inspiration strikes… instead of just whenever i have the chance at the internet. 

Peace & Love to you all!


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