Update from NC

FINALLY got to a computer with internet! Phew.

Update on our lives:

We saw our trailer for the first time in real life, it’s cute…needs some serious TLC – as in we have mice….mice! ew. Nothing cleaning and proper food storage can’t fix.

Latte took the whole thing very well, he hated the drive about as much as I did, but LOVES the new place… he sleeps most of the time.

I forgot how wooded NC is… though I’ve seen a few fields and open spaces. We are hoping to make it up to Blue Ridge this weekend.

I had an interview Tuesday – hope I get it! The owner went through a similar situation when him and his wife were younger… moving to NC from far away. Seems like it would be nice to work somewhere where someone can relate to you.

Will is out searcing for a job more fitted to his liking right now, thus I sit…at the Library. Using the internet.

We got a new couch! The floor was getting seriously uncomfortable and we found a good deal at Walmart that we couldn’t pass up!

I should get some dancing gigs soon – until then my manager said she would pass along my info to people needing modeling promo people. Pay is like $20 an hour to look cute and pass out free stuff. Think I could handle that.

 Should probably go, only 30 minutes left of usage computer time…. I’ll type from my laptop from now on and post through my phone. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Peace & Adventure


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