Wow, didn’t see that one coming.

What I feel just happened in my mind.

I NEVER realized my heart was so closed off…

Until I woke up this morning and experienced the most AMAZING love from two beautiful people.

I’m sitting in awe right now and the all encompassing wonder that is love.


Someone offering the gift of love to you
is thee single most precious, beautiful and honorable thing anyone can ever do. 

One of you was kind and thoughtful enough to ask how my walk with god was going,
while a simple question… it is not one I have heard for a LONG time.
And I needed it.

It’s amazing that I was blind enough to not even realize that I’d been neglecting talking with God lately,
and I’ve been searching for answers EVERYWHERE regarding why i’m so discontented with life lately.

Maybe God knew that I’d been dense enough to need a simple reminder..
Glad he chose you to ask me, because if it was anyone else
I feel like I might have taken it the wrong way.
I love you (you know who you are.)

And then, a with a GIANT heart…wrote to me, out of nowhere…
telling me how special I am and how proud she is of me,
and that she will love me always.

A day just doesn’t get much better than that. 

It is seriously so freaking rare that someone tells you those things,
especially when you start to close off yourself (without knowing it)
you start to become very cold and angry at the littlest things, like I have been lately.

I had actually forgotten what this felt like..
this open-heart love for things…
I don’t know exactly why I lost it in the first place.
I’ve got a pretty good idea that it had to do with lack of talking to God.

Which is something I just shouldn’t ever go without.

Keeping in touch with Him makes my life 4 BILLION times better.

I love Love.

And I love the two of you that showed it to me today.

It was random.
It was perfect.
and It was needed. 

So, this – is my thank you… to you…

and a little reminder:
to show love to those you care about always
because you never know, when they need it most. 

Peace & All The Love I Can Generate Through A Computer Screen.


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