Mornings Without Coffee

Today is another MWC… though not as terrible as I would have expected. 
Head still up off the desk, eyelids: heavy but open. 
I think I’ll survive 😉

So MUCH to do!

Moving across the country is not ever an easy affair, 
and being true to my procrastinating ways…
I shall save every bit of it for the last week we are here. 

It’s nice to know that this time I have to go through all my clutter, 
and decide what’s worth keeping and tossing. 
Anyone else ever do this? I could use suggestions on how to know what to keep/ give away.


I think i’m pulling teeth to write today…. that’s enough of that. 
I’d rather wait for inspiration, than force myself to write something not worth reading. 

Peace & Inspiring Inspirational-isms. 

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