To Have Lived. A Poem by Heather.

To Have Lived

I Want:

A future with William, above anything else.

I want a marriage that is founded on love and strength,
no matter what we face – always doing it together.
I want a home, with land, a small house,
a garage for Will to own a shop
and a giant deck where I can relax, write and create.

I want a career that displays who I am
in a positive way, something that I love
that gives back something loving to the world.

I want babies that have solid roots somewhere,
roots that consist of things that really matter:
like treating others well, knowing where you come from,
and being so proud of what that is.

I want Latte to live forever with us,
and I want to take in animals that cross our path
and need a loving home.

I want to be able to drive out to the ocean on the weekends,
or find solace in the breeze and chill of the mountain air on a lazy Sunday evening.

I want to be the most beautiful representation of myself,
with everything as pure and as honest and loving as it can be.
I want friends that make me laugh and love random silly moments,
those with whom I feel safe sharing my thoughts,
people I can rely on and care for.

I want Will to find happiness and contentment
knowing that he’s doing something wonderful with his hands.
He has the strongest desire to make something of himself,
and I want to be a part of seeing him succeed.

I want to forever be close to my family,
I want to forever grow closer to them, sharing highs and lows,
knowing we are each other’s forever loves..
taking shelter in always having
somewhere familiar to turn.

I want to, at the end of each day,
find bliss in knowing that I’ve found a life,
that is as good as life gets.

And, when I fall asleep at the end of my days,
I want to lie  in my own bed knowing:
there is nothing I would have done different.

Peace & Living


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