I want to “Be a Writer”

Blunt Bangs & Eggs.

Blunt Bangs & Eggs.

This past week I decided (yes, I finally had my lightbulb moment!) that I want to be a writer… or more realistically speaking: I want to write… for a living.

When I say I want to be a writer, i’m saying that I want to be able to receive money for the things I write, so that I don’t have to work a crappy 9-5 job anymore…because honestly I’m so bitterly sick of it I think I could vomit. Or cry… possibly both.

What I’m expecting  is that I will write… I will go to school to improve my grammar and get a degree in it… and I will attempt to make money at it. I’m not saying that it will happen (the money part) but i’m hoping with every hope I have, that I will “be a writer.”

On top of that, I cut my bangs… blunt style. And I’ve found a new-found love for hard-boiled eggs.

AND I rocked dark blue skinny jeans with a 60’s style flannel shirt yesterday.

People probably think i’m having some sort of identity crisis…

Wanting to be a writer, blunt bangs and skinny jeans…
I guess I can see where they are coming from in thinking that.

BUT – the fact remains pure in my heart…

I want to be a writer.

Peace & Written Word


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