Storms Come & Go

Don’t worry.

Everything that your allowing to take control of your life at this moment,
every guilt, every fear of the uncertain, every little thing you’ve got on your ‘to do’ list…
and especially those things you’ve got on your “wish i’d done” list…

all those things,
all those worries,

…will pass.

I think God gave us storms in hopes that we would realize
how fleeting they really are.

Sure, the lightening and pouring rain and unraveling winds may cause havoc, pain, and maybe fear…
but just as quickly as they begin…they are over.

Can you imagine if it was the other way around? If there were storms most of the time…
and those moments of sunshine were the  fleeting occurrences?

But they are not,
so why do we live our lives like they are full of mostly storms?

We have the ability to grasp so many good times,
But we don’t.

We live life in fear, regret, hate, and anger…
all these feelings we’ve accumulated from storms past.

But once the storm is over,
why can’t we let it go…
peer though the lifting cloud cover…
and realize that at the end of every storm

are brighter days.

Peace & Hope for a brighter today,


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