“Good” Days

Good days, I can’t remember the last time someone asked me, “How’s it going/ How’s your day?” …
and I answered, “Good…” and really meant it.

But today? Today is a good day.

For absolutely no other reason than, I’m deciding it is going to be one.

I’m tired of letting myself stand in the way of my happiness… as confusing as that sounds.

We all put so much pressure on what “good” is. It’s like we can’t have a good day unless we have our bills paid, extra money to spend, everything cleaned and responsibilities taken care of, things are good with loved ones, etc..


Why can’t we have a good day, regardless the circumstances?

Numerous memorable people have come and gone…trying to spread this very message.

People who saw the potential for peace, love, and understanding,
and the ironic thing is- they lived through some of the worst circumstances imaginable.

People like Gandhi, Bob Marley, the Dali Lama, Dr. MLK, Mother Theresa and millions of those who voices were never publicized- but had some of the worst life experiences imaginable in concentration camps and civil wars…

They lived in (what I can only assume) were circumstances that are beyond anything we’ve experienced in some of our worst days,
Yet they saw life through eyes of love and compassion… peace and hope.

Why are our eyes so jaded?

What do we feel so entitled to, that we cannot have a simple good day without: stuff, money, love, accomplishments, etc….

You have every thing you need right now to be happy.
…everything you need to have a good life.

It’s in your hands… it really is.
Decide today to life a good life…
a life full of happiness,

not resentment.
not hate.
not depression.
not regret.

Make  your life something wonderful.

I can simply, and only wish that whoever is reading these words at this very moment,
will take it to heart. I hope that you realize how beautiful you are and how amazing your life could be
if you really understood that.

I wish you all the love and joy this world has to offer,
and I wish that your eyes will open,
your heart will feel love,
and your soul will feel free,

…to enjoy this beautifully amazing thing called life.

and all the love and happiness I can pass through a computer screen.

-Heather B

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