Why do you have to be so… you.

You were the highlight to my day,

and you ditched me.

You were the one I put makeup on for,
and you never showed.

You were the one I couldn’t wait to see,
and you didn’t even care to look.

You were the comfort that got me through the hard shit today …
and like usual you decided to find your comfort in a bottle.

You were the glimpse of light that made the clouds okay,
and all you did was act like I rained on your parade.

You were the only fucking person I cared to be with today..


and you took every last bit of hope I had, and stomped on it.

With your big, uncaring, destructive feet…

you drug me along for the ride.

Made me believe you saw me as the only one.

now you are no one.

You think it’ll bother me,
that i’ll come running back.
that you can say whatever you want,
and i’ll still show up on you door step.

You think i’m okay with the shit you say,
you think i like to be treated like just another one.

Good luck to you,
Cuz i’ve finally realized…

your no one.

and your all alone there.

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