How Was Your Day Today? Prompt 5

Simple enough… How was my day?

I’m going to speak about yesterday (Sunday) since it’s only 12:35 on Monday and there is much of the day left to determine it’s full quality. 

Ah, yesterday… even though I woke up with a mild hangover from Saturday’s events… the day started out well. 

I woke up at past noon, and proceeded to grab a glass of water and walk out on the porch. And WOW does mother nature know how to put you in a great mood! The weather was mid 60’s in the beginning of March and the sun was so warm on my skin, it was fantastic. My boyfriend came outside not long after, and we decided to spend the day outdoors. After grabbing lunch in town, parked overlooking a town park and ate our lunch. Our hungover stomachs were happy to receive Taco Bell with Baja Blast.

Then, we decided to take a drive out to a state park. We’d both brought our boots and decided to do some hiking in the slushy snow/mud. It was great! There is something so blissful about being in nature, so far away from everything “un-natural”. It really helped set my soul back on track. We walked about a mile… sharing thoughts, laughing at each other’s mud struggles, and throwing snowballs at trees.

Afterwards, we drove home, exhausted and went to pick up some groceries at Target, planning something for dinner that we could cook together. Steak and Scallop Potatoes was the dinner of choice, and it went very nicely with a beer and some more thought sharing. 

All in all, AH!!! I LOVED TODAY (yesterday)

These kind of days are the ones that make all the rest worth-while. 

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