Guilt and Worry, Prompt 80

My top ten stressors (in no particular order):

1. School

2. Finances

3. Remembering everything I have to do

4. My living arrangement (not having a place of my own)

5. Too much clutter and material things (mainly clothes)

6. Finding out what I want to go to school for indefinitely

7. Family/ Friend issues

8. Completing everything I want to do

9. My health

10. Relationship issues

      Do these things promote guilt or worry? I would say they don’t promote unhealthy worry. They are all stressors that I have control over, they are not worries of the past that cannot be changed. Worry is what will eventually cause many of these things to be taken care of/ resolved. 

      I do guilt-trip myself, not horribly often…but it happens. Especially when it’s something I know I could have done on time but procrastinated… or if it’s a matter of something I did/didn’t do that hurt someone. When it comes to other people, I hate to let them down. So if there was something/someone that I neglected that has left hurt… I feel awful. But I  try to remember that nothing can be done in the past about it. What’s done is done. I try to move forward (after the initial guilt-trip phase) to do something to reprimand things with that person. 

       I doubt I’ll ever fully not experience guilt or worry, I think they are natural human emotions… but I hope to have the best control of it that I can. Just recently I realized a small phrase that helps when i’m feeling guilt or worry about past events….

Forgive, Forget, Heal.

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