Playing in the Garage, Prompt 67


What do you do for play? What are your hobbies?


            My hobbies are mostly creative/ exploration based. When I’m stressed I feel the need to escape via one of the following: road tripping, drawing, writing, dancing, going for a walk, painting, taking and editing pictures, or cooking/ baking something new.


            In short, I LOVE TO PLAY!!!

I hate the idea of doing the same thing everyday and I love being able to explore. Exploration of inner-self, out-self, the environment, new concepts, new activities etc…


If I was told, “Heather, you don’t have to come into work this week but we are still going to pay you for a 40 hour week… oh, and your school called and said you have no class this week as well… go play!” I would be about the happiest dang person alive! The first thing I would do (given that I was financially stable at the time) is plan a seriously amazing road trip, gather a couple friends and hit the road to explore somewhere new. Along the way I would want to take a million pictures of every hilarious memory, sit and write during the sunset/sunrise when we stopped for the night, be apart of nature and let it inspire me to paint and draw when I got home… and just let all of life’s stresses fall away. It would be the rejuvenation that I would be seeking. Creative things allow me to get away from the logical/ immediate stress/ and blandness of the crappy things I have to do everyday… like make money. Being creative also helps me feel like I know more about who I am. When I paint a watercolor for example, I finish the painting and step back, thinking: “huh, I had no idea that this image was even inside of me…” Seeing the creative expression in action makes me realize a million different things I didn’t even know I was capable of producing… and I find it really intriguing to learn about myself that way. 

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