Friends in Need, Prompt 98

And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.

– Kahlil Gibran

1.         I would best define the word friend, as someone you share an intimate relationship with aside from your family.

I think being a friend means: (and both people should share these qualities, not just one side of the friendship)

  • Enjoying that person’s company more than you enjoy an acquaintance’s company.
  • Having complete trust in that person and honoring their trust for you.
  • Having their best interest at heart in all situations.
  • Respecting their friendships with others, not getting jealous.
  • A willingness to be there when they need you.
  1. I would think that when people are interested in befriending me, they do so because I am a trusting person. I don’t seek to destroy or hurt people. I’m compassionate and amazing at listening and providing comfort when someone needs it. I would say I’m the “comfort friend.”
  2. A list of my current friends with whom I’m closest (in no order):
  • Audrey, Chelsea, Kerry, Ashlyn, Laurel, Stephanie, Amanda, Meagan, Inta, Nicole.

There are two family members on this list: Stephanie and Amanda are cousins.

This list has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. I would say there would be many more people on this list 5 years ago, and some different ones shifted-in when I moved toNorth Carolina. There are many other people with whom I’ve been close friends just in the past year or so that I wouldn’t put on this list because we have not shared anything immensely heart-felt in awhile… and I feel like only friends share these things (unless your drunk at a bar and decide to be heartfelt with the stranger next to you, which I wouldn’t really count.)

  1. My current circle of friends is amazing! They are people with whom I can mostly tell anything, and would not be ashamed to share my downfalls with. They are all completely unique and not afraid to show their individuality, which is important to me. Each one is someone who I would drop anything for, if they needed me by their side or for whatever reason needed me otherwise. I would be more than happy to spend time with any of them on any given day and I respect all of their friendships aside from my own.


I have several other acquaintances who I would call friends, but they fall into two categories:

  • They used to be a close friend, but we’ve not talked in awhile or drifted apart.


  • They are close to me and being considered a close friend, but have yet to switch over into that place in my life because not enough time has passed to allow complete trust and understanding for one another.
  1. My support group resides in separate social circles. I have some friends of mine that cannot stand other friends of mine. I keep trust in all of them in different ways… there are things I might share with one friend that I would not be able to share with another and vise-versa. It’s not that no one friend can be trusted completely… more than certain friends understand things better than others in different aspects of life.
  2. The thing that keeps my bonds strong with friends is definitely heart-connections. Even if I have not talked to someone in a long time, as soon as we spend time together and share things that we wouldn’t share with most others… the bond is reunited. I feel like sharing yourself (your inner, true self) is important in friendship because it’s an act that reveals an immense amount of trust and respect for the other person. It also “weaves webs” so to speak, by giving the friendship something to fall back on in regards to emotional strength in a relationship/ friendship.
  3. Social media networks have strengthened my friendships, especially in North Carolina. The only way I could see most of my friends was to log into Facebook or chat on Skype. It gives me the opportunity to feel apart of someone’s life, even when we are not physically able to share that life together. Obviously however, that does not mean that everyone I’m friends with on Facebook is a close friend of mine.
  4. Overall, my friendship experience has been amazingly beneficial to my quality of life! I would say that I’ve definitely experienced my fair share of regrets and hardships with my friends but in the end the good has outweighed the bad. I feel blessed to have the friends I have today, and I sincerely wish I still had some of the close friends I’ve had in the past. There are people that have impacted my life within a matter of months and those with whom I’ve built up years of trust and wonderful memories.

True friendship is not limited by time, money, or circumstances… it’s only evaluating factor is quality. 

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