What was the point again?

I’m woman enough to know and admit when something’s starting to get the best of me.

And I think it’s beginning to.

There is a line between going out and having fun, and letting the night life just get to your head.

Too much drama in booze and excess mascara. 

There is a lot more to life than bars and drunken wandering…..

I miss the days of simple late night walks to clear the clutter of the mind,
Driving into the country with the windows down to feel
the crisp frozen air of the night…
Finding peace in a silent spot near the river,
or out in a field with a trillion stars just outta reach.

when did it become all about bars?
(getting to be something that rarely ends well.)

Too much drama in booze and excess mascara.

We’ve all got one shot at this life deal,
One tiny fucking chance to experience the innumerable amounts of REAL LIFE.

Why am I handing over my life card every weekend to dulled-mind and blurry time?

I wouldn’t change the loud music and dancing for anything,
(((just as amazing to dance on a beach as to break it down on a stage.)))

If you could give yourself one chance to do anything in this life,
what would you choose?

Too much drama chaos and excess mascara noise

…to notice all that’s offered to us,
left untouched because of familiarity and
not-knowing how to live simply and freely..

..freedom from ..chaos ..and noise.

and all things simply, truly wonderful.

-Heather B

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