Stress Journal – Bridging the Hemispheres of Thought (Prompt 42)

1.        My dominant brain side is probably the right. I’ve gotten compliments on many of my natural abilities for things of a creative nature. Many of my passions in life are things like writing, painting, drawing, dancing, doing hair and makeup styles, singing, and I LOVE to dream. I’ve always had problems with things of a left brain nature; things like math, keeping time, logical decision making have never come easily for me.

2.             I would think that I’m a right brain thinker because of the way I was raised. When I was little I spent a lot of time with my grandmother and she always encouraged us to go about both play and learning from a creative standpoint. We always did craft and art projects, played make-believe, and rarely watched TV.  When we did it was either Mr. Rogers orSeseame Street (both of which involve much craft making and make-believe play.) Everyone praised me so often for my creative abilities that I continued to pursue them all my life and that mass-experience with exercising the right-brain could have some impact on why I feel so heavily right-brained now.

3.             I mentioned before what my thinking abilities are in respect to the right and left brain hemi-sphere. How I would go about making my brain sides more equal? I’m not really sure. I mean I would say practice, but I’ve held clerical jobs for years now; all of which required serious left-brain skills for 40 hours a week. And still, I’m more prone to enjoy and thrive in matters of the right brain. So I’m not exactly sure how I would go about becoming more balanced. I would say I’ve improved somewhat on handling things like time management and logical decision making, but not anywhere near the quality that I can draw a picture or dance to a song, with very little training necessary. I’d have to look more into the physiology of brain/body connections and how I could train my brain. 

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