what Miz.Demeanor Means to me….

Dancing. Just a word… a word with no way to explain what it really means. 


It’s letting music into your body and feeling what has to offer, through all of you.

It’s like inhaling some sort of drug, you breathe in the music and suddenly it’s engulfing every part of you. Taking everything your feeling and stealing your attention totally to the music.

Dancing is an expression of the soul,
turned outward into something other people can see…
but may never understand.

 Go-go dancing is a different rush all together. If general dancing (in a club, in your bedroom alone, etc.) was a flame on the tip of a match…Go-go dancing would be a fucking explosion

Putting on go-go gear and hopping up onto a stage… I enter a entirely different world. Yesterday, while working out, a friend asked me to show them some of the things I did on stage the night before when we were at a go-go gig… and I couldn’t. 

As soon as my feet hit the stage there’s this sudden rush of adrenaline and euphoria that just sends my feet flying. Well, it sends everything soaring… my hands, arms, everything radiating all the way through my core. It’s kind of what I’ve always assumed taking a psychedelic drug would be like. You don’t just feel the music, it literally becomes a part of you… and you can feel it filling up your body. There are electric pulses shooting all through you when the bass bumps. Even the songs I don’t like in everyday life… I instantly become inspired by .

When you get right down to it… it’s an escape.
Music is my medication.  

It’s being able to forget everything i’m stressed about, every crappy thing that is pissing me off or strangling the happiness right outta my life… and just dance.

Go-go dancing is taking that escape and turning it into something I can benefit from on a financial level. People are always saying, do what you love…. Find something that you can do as a job, without actually having to consider it work. … Go-go is that for me. Even if we didn’t get paid, I would keep putting on my gear and dancing (if they’d let me lol.) 

That is why I’m so freaking ecstatic about Miz.Demeaor!!!

We are NOT going to be just another go-go group… were going to literally be something the world has never seen before! Not just a bunch of ladies who like to dance and do it for the finances and fame… but because we LOVE it! All of the women of Miz.D are people who feel music. 
I was watching Step Up 3 the other day and they referred to the dancers in their crew as B.F.A.B…. Born From A Boombox. I would say that describes us pretty damn well.

We’re an entertainment group, set apart.  
We’re doing what we love, because we couldn’t stop dancing even if we wanted to…
Music is apart of every Miz.Demeanor lady.  

Miz.Demeanor gives my dancing a physical, emotional, spiritual purpose in this world. 

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