I read today that it is very important to write and keep a journal because it keeps a connection between your mind and soul. I liked the thought.

What do I feel the need to connect my mind and soul to today?


Not sure, but i’m hungry. Only problem is, I’m hungry for chips… chips that are inevitably delicious and bad for my body. I’ve worked too hard for my muscles to be so rapidly over-shadowed by more fat. After years of eating TONS of fast/ processed food and being lazy, i’m finding myself more interested to see what my body looks like when it’s allowed to be healthy.

There is no one look i’m going for.
I mean, sure, it would be amazing to look like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, or any of the Victoria Secret models…. but I know that even between just those few people there are HUGE differences in their bodies.
We are all made different.
And I would like to know what I can look like by eating right and excersizing!

Who knows, maybe my body could be even sexier than those women’s bodies… I totally find my body  attractive as is, so it can only get better right?!

Even after all this beautiful contemplation of healthy eating…

I still want those chips.

Come to think of it, I have not eaten chips in at least a week… maybe more.

I would say that’s pretty-darn good for my infamous salt-tooth!!!

Healthy eating is GREAT but every now and then you gotta let yourself indulge, or you’ll just re-bound into the world of fatty/processed/dollar menus harder than ever!

I’m going to get a few chips…. oOo or maybe cook some mushrooms in olive oil… THAT sounds yummier.

Off to eat!
(Does this even count as soul-searching?….. sure, why not.)

Peace, and cheers to (mostly) healthy living!

-Heather B

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