Up & Down

It COULD be the fact that I’m still unemployed.
Or that I’ve been alone with my thoughts most all day.
Or that everything I thought would happen today, didn’t.

Or, it could just be that time of the month…

either way… my emotions are all OVER the place.

Does this ever happen to men as well, because then I can rule out the last option?
(speaking as a lady with a 4 year boyfriend… I would say it DOES!)

How it feels to be emotional perturbed.


It doesn’t help that i’m a sensitive being. Any emotion that happens to wander my way, WHOA… hits like a brick. Even if I don’t always show it.

Usually I run to distractions… anything to make me forget about my emotional roller coaster of a self:
TV shows, food, dancing, alcohol, prayer (yes, those two things can co-exist on the same list), excersize,  friends, hugs from my boyfriend, etc…

But what do I do, when I’ve realized those things are all temporary relief? Unfortunately , real life is always waiting right on my front step. .. like a pathetic, power-hungry devastatingly -draining  homeless virus with nothing better to do but OWN my life.

Over-exaggeration?  Maybe.
Do I feel this way always? No.
Is it annoying when I do?… obviously.

 I think it might just honestly be PMS.

Eh, whatever. Feels better to write about it, whatever it is.

Peace & Mellow, Level Emotions,

-Heather B

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