There is ALWAYS a beautifully mis-understood shade of gray.

You can assume that you know everything about something…

but you don’t.

and neither do i.

You can try to judge what someone does, but you have no idea why they do it… even if they tell you and you don’t agree with it… you still don’t know (maybe they don’t even fully understand!)

We all judge FAR too freaking much… we spend SO much time thinking we have all the answers. It’s disgusting. (I’m shouting this out to myself as well, so don’t think i’m trying to play some hypocritical bullshit on you.)

I’ve been trying to decide some things about my life recently. And though i STILL don’t have an answer for any of them, I’ve realized I’m deadly sure that we are too freaking harsh on ourselves because of one major thought process…


Screw what people think!
(and no… i’m not saying “fuck the haters” because this in itself is a judgement)

This is not an outcry to all of those people that appear  as though they live only to please themselves, cuz it’s both selfish and most likely a lie.

We ALL care what people think, that much is inevitable.

And you don’t have to say just screw those people that wanna judge,
how bout saying screw their judgments… instead of saying screw them..and just spreading more hate. 

I don’t remember when it happened…
But somewhere in the past couple years I started caring WAY too much what people think.

I’ve lost so much time of my life trying to predict what people will think if:

I wear this or that
I say this…maybe I should just keep quiet.
I go to this place or that.
I listen to this song or that.
I dance like a crazy person or like “normal” people.
I don’t do this thing everyone else is trying.
so on and so forth.


Why do we bother?!?

We are all P-E-O-P-L-E.

No one of us was born with more valid ideas about how to live life than the next.
So why do we listen to each other’s petty thoughts about our self-worth?

Trial for tomorrow –


whoever that crazy-misguided-beautiful-trial n’ error-loving-strange lady might be.

Peace & Truth-to-Self,

-Heather B.Image

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