Purpose & Passion

You know what?
Job searching is f-r-u-s-tRATING! You have to search the internet for listings that people post, write the same thing on nearly every application (unless your lucky enough that they take your resume), and should  you be so “lucky” as to have the chance at an interview… well, it just gets better.

I just sat at an interview for a retail store, yes… retail. I’m lowering my standards of this job search… it’s week three ok?! I can hardly stand the thought of charging anything more to my credit cards and I’ve got less than half a tank of gas in my car. I have no choice but to apply at retail stores.

This whole process is really taking a toll on my self-worth. It’s like without a job I feel pointless Monday through Friday. I feel like i’m making progress on nothing… even when I get other things done. It doesn’t help that I am throwing myself out there to employer after employer and no one seems to be mildly interested…
It hurts, it really does. I haven’t been without a job this long since I was 15.

God, there has got to be something in this you can use.
Something about my current circumstances that is part of your bigger plan.

When I can’t see beyond my doubt, the silver-lining… You light up the sky to show me you are with me.

-The Afters “Light up the Sky”

Maybe unemployment for me was meant to be something good.
(Not for my bills and the companies i’m overdue money to of course.)
Maybe you wanted me to take all the free time… to be with you.

How many times I’ve said that I just “don’t have time” to pursue the passions you’ve put in my heart…
Well, that excuse is gone now…
So what will I do?

And   , if this really is the time in my life that i’m supposed to act on those things… where do I start?

Have you ever noticed how in nearly every movie..the movie ends when the main-character finally realizes what they want to do? You never get to see how they put their plan into action… when they discover what’s really important, the credits just start to roll.

So, what do I do…
I want to help people…
I want to put a passion for good-hearts back into the world.


Peace, Clarity and Purpose-
-Heather B.

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